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By reciting tadabur, reading verses and meanings, listening to qori and repeating memorization, Insyallah, your faith will increase.

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Unique and Interesting Ways to Maintain the Quality of Your Faith with the Al Quran


Reading Target

Helps you complete your daily target for reading the Al Quran by dividing the target per prayer time


Memorization Method

Set your reading target, to complete your Al Quran reading



Helps you to review the performance of Al Quran reading and memorization activities

Reading Target

Easier to read after every praying!

Targets will be divided based on prayer times to make your reading easier

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Memorization Method

Continue the verse with
Selected reciters.

Enjoy the feel of memorizing Al Quran with the best and selected qori


Memorization Method.


International Reciters.


Track progress of
time after time!

Build a record by reading the Quran and reviewing how you engage with the Quran over time

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Aplikasinya sangat membantu saya dalam target membaca Al quran

Simple Dan sangat mudah digunakan, semoga bermanfaat untuk Istiqomah hafalan Quran

The application and UI are very good, you can read, memorize and have a progress dashboard. Please add other reciters, from Sheikh As Sudais and Sheikh Al Ghamidi and others

Good apps, easy to use

Simple and useful

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